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unacceptable vandalism?

On Durham Road leading through Low Fell in Gateshead, in the space Gateshead College where once stood, there is now a housing estate being developed. All along the road are boards, shielding from passersby the view of the building work going on behind, and bearing photographs of the perfect family life available to anyone who buys one of the new properties.

Passing by these advertisements I have mused as to how I could go about subverting the message of bland conformity they give off, the invitation to put yourself into debt for what is likely to be a house with very small living space. . Imagine my excitement when driving by on Sunday and I noticed someone had vandalised one of the posters so that the woman in the photograph looked grotesque and almost skull like. Certainly not the cosy domestic image the developers want to convey to sell the newly built houses. Excitedly I parked the car and ran across the road to photograph this blow to capitalist propaganda.

It was only later on, looking at the photos that I wondered whether this was the work of an anti-capitalist protester or something rather more sinister. Just days after Conservative MP and offensive fool Michael Fabricant had tweeted his urge to punch journalist Yasmin Alibhia Brown in the throat, was this act of graffiti/vandalism more anti-woman than anti-system? Sadly, I think it probably is




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