1980s: I studied sculpture are Edinburgh College of Art, having been attracted to sculpture because it seemed like a way to do modern art, that is abstract art. Before choosing sculpture I always considered myself a painter.

Between my first and second years at college my ideas about what artists do – what constituted serious art and what was self indulgent tosh – changed so that I became quite wary of the wilder reaches of late modernism, and particularly anything smacking of conceptualism.
When I left college in 1985 I was lucky enough to share studio space in WASPS Patriot Hall studios and started painting again, and subsequently spent a year painting in a government funded job with the National Trust for Scotland.

1990s: After moving to the North East of England, I focused on painting portraits, and took up photography. Highlights include showing work at the RSA in Edinburgh and the University Gallery in Newcastle upon Tyne. There was then a pause in my art work for a few years as starting a family and needing steady income resulted in lack of time; and I had reached a point of thinking why add to the noise produced by what seemed like a billion other people who were busy making paintings and other art works.

2000s: Having got through my existentialist crisis, I began using sketchbooks again around 2005. Gradually I began painting again, mainly in oils, and producing some sculpture.

2010s: Currently I am renting studio space at the Biscuit Tin Studios in Newcastle, show my work in the annual Ouseburn Open Studios events, and joined Northern Print to use their facilities to make some prints.



One response to “About

  1. Gash

    Finally getting to see some of your hidden gems…think it’s great me ol chumster! Look forward to seeing more….

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