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bike parts

The challenge was, over three days (in the end three and half) to use second hand bike parts to create a sculpture (a relief is maybe a more accurate description) for Bike Stop, a social enterprise in Darlington that takes old bikes, restores and sells them on. Working within certain constraints, time, not knowing what was behind that white facia, the position of the windows above the facia, a malfunctioning welder, me and friend and art-colleague Keith set to work last week to create this…

Image  Channeling the lessons of futurism (without the accompanying dodgy ideological sympathies of course), cubism, constructivism, David Smith and the photos of Edweard Muybridge, the sculpture splits the bike into constituent parts and attempts to convey the motion of the machine through space. Whether it quite achieves that aim, I’m not sure. It could probably bear more work on it, (when is a piece ever truly finished?), the essential form is there however. The white facia though is particularly unhelpful. Responses were mixed but is that not one of the purposes of art? To make an intervention, push people out of their received view of the world?



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