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Small sculptures

It’s a month since I last posted anything to the blog. Here are some small plaster sculptures I’ve been working on. I’m undecided whether to leave them white and dusty or apply colour to them.




I’ve been reading Colin Rhodes Primitivism and Modern Art, which has helped to focus ideas about where the work is going. I’m interested in trying to find simple, essential forms in sculpture that express ideas about the human body (and I’m carrying these ideas over into painting, drawing and printing where they might be expressed in the execution of the painting etc rather than the final image).
Added to this is an increased interest in Dada and surrealism and the sources that informed those movements, such as Oceanic fetish pieces and magick, Freud and Marx and socialist revolution.
Adding colour to the plaster sculptures would I think push it further from any notional relation to academic sculpture, whilst sharing a common medium, plaster and technique, carving.


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